Oh Man!  I’ve been part of enough weddings in my life that I get just how overwhelming this wedding stuff can be.  I’d love to take some of that crazy overwhelm feeling away by letting you know exactly what
hanging out with me looks like.

So here’s how it all goes down.

1. You cruise my site and feel we’d be a great fit.  So, you hit the contact button and drop me a line with some of your details and wedding date.  I’ll email back, if I’m available and also feel that good fit vibe then we line up a coffee date…. my treat!

2. We meet and just like we both suspected we hit it off like old pals. We gab about how awesome your day is going to be and what’s important in terms of photography. We’ll most likely trail off, because we’re new pals and that’s what pals do, especially if the topic turns to our furbabies and we start swapping pics.

3.  Eventually when the coffee shop gives us the subtle closing time hints, we’ll decide on exactly what you need on your wedding day, sign a contract, and you’ll put down a deposit to hold your date.

4. A few months before the wedding we talk about your engagement session.  We decide what feels right for you based on a shared hobby or love, out in nature, more of an urban vibe, bright colour? The choices are endless. I help make sure everything goes smoothly, keeping the stress to a minimum, we choose outfits and accessories and figure out all the details.

5. It’s time for the actual engagement session now! It’s time for us to really bond and for you to get familiar with being in front of my camera. It’s like a test run for wedding day. I find your best angles, and see how you interact together. This will make things more comfortable for the big day.  A couple of weeks later you get the photos and fall in love all over again.

6. It’s waiting time, between now and the wedding I’m here to help you with building your timeline…. one of my goals is to help the day flow as smoothly as possible. Part of this includes sending out a questionnaire to gather all the important details of the day and building a list of all the important family photos.  After shooting quite a few weddings I know the things that end up causing bumps and I’m hear to help you avoid them. Low stress equals happy bride and groom equals great photos!

7. Wedding time. So excited that the day is finally here and ready to work my butt off capturing all the moments you’ve been anticipating and even the ones you would have never expected; like your little brother stepping in to lace up your dress because no one else knew how to do it and he said it was just like a hockey skate. (true story)

8.  Ahhh! It’s over, it’s all bitter sweet, but don’t worry you’re heading off on a grand adventure and I’m sending you there with a sneak peek of the best day of your lives.

9.  4 – 6 weeks later you cozy up on the couch with a glass or two of wine, and relive your day through a custom created slideshow set to some pretty super music if I do say so myself.  The next day your full gallery will arrive in your inbox ready for you to choose your 50 favourite images.  I use those images to create your album.

10.  After I’ve got your top 50 images I’ll create your layout and send it off asap to be made into a gorgeous treasure you will cherish for life. YAY it arrives! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and we’ll be friends for life.