About Cassie


Hey You,

Thanks for stopping in! I’m Cassie, the kind of quiet, super friendly, tattoo loving photographer behind Cassie’s Camera.

I live here in Calgary, Alberta with my cutie patootie dog Chewie. Although he’s tiny, he acts like a great dane… 6 pounds of total fury! I think he’s basically the best dog that ever lived.  I love to laugh.  I think a sense of humour is possibly the best quality a human can posses.  My boyfriend has funny in bunches.  I’m smitten.

I’ve always been sort of artsy.  As a kid I was obsessed with entering colouring contests.  I won quite a few, not to toot my own childhood colouring horn. Now, I like to draw Simpsons characters. I know, weird right? I prefer quirky and endearing.  Art class was the only time I ever did super well in school.   I thought I would grow up to be an animator.  This is better.

I’m a habitual juicer, so don’t be alarmed when my fingers are beet stained.  Don’t worry though, my day doesn’t feel complete until I’ve thrown back an iced vanilla latte.  It’s not all health food.

I love my job.  I love showing people exactly what their love looks like.  I love that I can capture so many feelings in a moment.  I am always on the look out for moments.  How they feel, and taste and smell can all be locked up into an image, ready to be explored by your imagination again and again. Besides the awesome fact that I get to do something I love for a living, photography as also been the catalyst towards making some of my most adored friends.  This industry is so close knit and draws in some really wonderful people.

This amazing career has taken me and my camera as far as Australia.  Photographing two ridiculously in love people while seeing new places for the first time is basically as happy as I can get.  Photographing a wedding in Europe is on the bucket list.  Say the word and I’m there!  :)

In short I’m Cassie and yes, it is totally my camera.




Random Cassie-isms

  • I always overuse emojis when I text….. I  feel like smiley faces, thumbs up, or fist bumps send out more love. Don’t be alarmed that a 12 year old stole my phone if we start texting.
  • although I have no musical talent, and extreme stage fright I fantasize about being in a band.
  • I’m a salt junkie.
  • not enough ice in my drink drives me bonkers.
  • I really hope at some point in my life I will be a part of a scooter gang.
  • If I could only have one song on my iPhone it would be “Minneapolis” by That Dog.
  • I will never stop getting new tattoos.
  • I speak french …..poorly.
  • I love watching infomercials…. they all leave me with an crazy upbeat feeling.
  •  I have a massive Archie comic collection. I never wanted Candy as a grocery store treat when shopping with my mom… it was all about the latest double digest!
  • I have permanent contact lenses implanted into my eyes….. so basically robot eyes.